Descendants of Sarah Frazier

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 Descendants of SARAH "SALLIE" FRAZIER
 Including notes and additional research updated: Oct 15, 2003

 ROBERT FRAZIER was born about 1823 in TN, and died before 1870. He was married
 three times and had 11 children before 1870. His third wife was MARY ELIZABETH
 Frazier (last name unknown). She was born about 1827 in Virginia, and died
 after 1880. Robert is on page 138 of 1860 Census of Wayne Co, TN living in
 district six in the township of Ashland.

 MARY ELIZABETH FRAZIER, the third wife of Robert is on the 1870 Wayne Co, TN
 Census in district 6 page 463 and the 1880 Wayne Co, TN Census in district 5
 on page 28. She is listed as a widow. She was born in Virginia and both of
 her parents also listed as born in Virginia.

 The eleven children born to ROBERT FRAZIER in order of birth include;
 WILLIAM Homer Frazier, SARAH "Sallie" Frazier (Suratt), SAMUEL Frazier,
 JOHN Riley Frazier, ROBERT Frazier, GEORGE N. Frazier, THOMAS Sidney Frazier,
 URSULA Elizabeth Frazier (Warren), MARY Ann "Annie" Frazier (Jackson),
 MARTHA Frazier (Whitehead) and James Andrew Frazier.

 Most of this family remained in or around Wayne Co, TN while John and Sarah 
 moved to Dyer Co, TN, were both are buried. Some of the descendants of Thomas
 Frazier moved to Oklahoma and Arizona.

 SARAH "SALLIE" FRAZIER was born Feb 1842 and died Jan 23, 1923 in Dyer Co, TN.
 The death year for Sarah may be off by a few years. I could not find a death
 record for Sarah with multiple spellings of her last name in the death index
 for the state of Tennessee. I had another researcher from Dyer Co, TN that
 checked the records in Nashville, TN and he was unable to produce a death
 record for Sarah with the year 1923.

 Maybe she died in another state. She was buried in Dyer Co, TN and 20 years prior
 to 1920, she was living in Dyer Co, TN per the census records. She was found living
 with her son John Clay Seratt in 1920, listed as his mother and as a widow.

 I did find the death certificate for Frances Bell (Seratt) Duncan (1866-1937), the
 first born child of Sarah and John Seratt. The death certificate listed her mother
 as Miss Frazier.

 I first discovered the name Sarah Seratt from the journal of Eula V. Frazier. 
 She wrote a 51-page journal about her family. Eula was the youngest daughter of
 John Riley Frazier and Nancy Catherine Long. Eula was the last of 8 children and
 was born Dec 12, 1909 in Gibson Co, TN and died March of 1973 in Crockett Co, TN.
 Her father John Riley Frazier was born Mar 07, 1845 in Wayne Co, TN and died
 Aug 04, 1922 in Dyersburg, TN.

 The Journal of Eula Frazier includes:
 Chapter 1
 When my daddy was a Boy he lived with his Father & Mother and Brother & Sister.
 His sister was Sallie, his Brother Sam. They were his half Brother and Sister.
 Then his Father and Mother had 2 more Boys. Jim Frazier and George Frazier.
 He tales his children about what he did when he was a Boy. He lived in Middle
 Tennessee. Him and Sallie would go hunting in the wood for some kind of meet,
 Rabbit or squirrels, and of course they would get into something they had no
 business to.

 Chapter 6
 We started out the First of July in 1918, we cross the Mississippi River. I had
 seen the river but hadn't crossed it since I could remember. I was 8 years old.
 We cross the river at Eallars Weaves and got off at Cotton Wood Point we came on
 till we got to Mingle Wood and my Mother Cook us some Dinner. From there to
 to Finley, Tennessee and we stayed all night there. The next morning my Mother
 maid us Breakfast...we started on to Dyerburg Tennessee.
 We meet some of Daddies Folks. His half sister Aunt Sallie, Cousin Bell Dunkins
 & her husbman, and some of Aunt Sallie's Boys John & Dug Serrett. We stayed till
 the seckon of July.

Generation No. 1

1. SARAH "SALLIE" JANE FRAZIER was born Feb 1842 in TN, and died Jan 23, 1923 
   in Dyer Co, TN. She married (1) J. N. STOWE Jul 22, 1857 in Wayne Co, TN.
   He was born 1827 in NC, and died most likely during the civil war. Prior to his
   death, Sarah and Stowe had 3 children, all joined the SERATT kids on the census'.
   She married (2) JOHN ANDERSON SERATT Jan 13, 1865 in Wayne Co, TN, son of JOHN & SABRA
   SERATT. He was born Mar 09, 1845 in Lawrence Co, TN, and died May 1912 in
   Dyer Co, TN. Sarah & John SERATT are buried at RoEllen Cem., Dyer Co, TN.

   Census: 1870 Wayne Co, TN Dist:6 PG:467B
   Census: 1880 Henderson Co, TN Dist:12 ED:62 PG:16 FN:141
   Census: 1900 Dyer Co, TN Dist:7 ED:22 SHT:13B FN:236
   Census: 1920 Dyer Co, TN Dist:5 ED:23 PG:2A FN:20

   Notes for J. N. STOWE:
   A list of Confederate Soldiers who died while prisoner of war shows
   J.N. Stowe, Sgt. Co. K 23rd N.C., died on Aug 3, 1863 in Brooklyn, NY.
   Another researcher Lawson Warren provided proof that this was not my STOWE.
   I will keep looking for what happen to him.
   Talbert his oldest son is listed on the 1870 Census with his mother
   now married to John Seratt. Burial: Marker No:735 Cypress Mills Cem.

   Children of SARAH FRAZIER and J. STOWE are:
   2. i.    TALBERT H. STOWE, b. Aug 1860, Wayne Co, TN.
      ii.   L. E. STOWE, b. 1861, Wayne Co, TN.
   Children of SARAH FRAZIER and JOHN SERATT are:
   3. iv.   FRANCES BELLE SERATT, b. Feb 03, 1866, Wayne Co, TN;
            d. Oct 16, 1937, Dyer Co, TN.
   4. v.    JETHRO WILLIAM SERATT, b. Sep 16, 1868, Wayne Co, TN;
            d. Apr 26, 1944, Dyer Co, TN.
      vi.   GEORGE A. SERATT, b. May 21, 1870, Wayne Co, TN;
            d. 1900, Dyer Co, TN. He is buried at RoEllen Cem., Dyer Co, TN
      vii.  ALBERT CLAY SERATT, b. Apr 16, 1873, Wayne Co, TN;
            d. Jul 08, 1949, Friendship, Crockett Co, TN;
            m. (1) SUE BARCROFT, 1891; b. 1875; d. 1899, Haywood Co, TN;
            m. (2) SALLIE JANE ANDERSON, Mar 02, 1903, Dyer Co, TN. She
            b. Feb 23, 1883, TN; d. Dec 10, 1972, Friendship, Crockett Co, TN.
   5. viii. JOHN CARLINE SERATT, b. Dec 03, 1875, TN; d. 1961, Dyer Co, TN.
      ix.   HUGH DOUGLAS SERATT, b. Aug 25, 1880, Enville, TN;
            d. Nov 12, 1966, Huntingdon, Carrol Co, TN;
            m. EVIE ANN GILLILAND, Dec 09, 1900, Dyer Co, TN. She b. Nov 17, 1883,
            Gibson Co, TN; d. Sep 27, 1976, Huntingdon, Carrol Co, TN.
            Hugh and Evie are buried at Walnut Grove Cem., Gibson Co, TN

Generation No. 2

2. TALBERT H. STOWE was born Aug 1860 in Wayne Co, TN. He married HENRIETTA HAYES
   Oct 01, 1878 in Wayne Co, TN, daughter of JOHN HAYES and SARAH HOLT. She was
   born Aug 17, 1859 in Wayne Co, TN, and died May 20, 1929 in Wayne Co, TN.
   Henrietta Hayes Stowe is buried at Balentine Cem., Wayne Co, TN.

   More About TALBERT H. STOWE:
   Census: 1900, Wayne Co, TN Dist:10 PG:108a
      i.    S.B. STOWE, b. Aug 1879.
      ii.   LEANDER STOWE, b. Jan 03, 1882, Wayne Co, TN;
            d. Aug 23, 1904, Wayne Co, TN and buried at Balentine Cem., Wayne Co, TN
      iii.  DOVIE STOWE, b. Oct 1884.
      iv.   TENNIE STOWE, b. Mar 1887.
      v.    M.C STOWE, b. Apr 1890.
      vi.   D.A. STOWE, b. Nov 1891.
      vii.  CLAY STOWE, b. Mar 1894.
      viii. J.N. STOWE, b. Jun 1897.
      ix.   EVIE O. STOWE, b. Dec 13, 1903, Wayne Co, TN;
            d. Aug 10, 1922, Wayne Co, TN and buried at Balentine Cem., Wayne Co, TN

3. FRANCES BELLE SERATT was born Feb 03, 1866 in Wayne Co, TN, and died Oct 16, 1937
   in Dyer Co, TN. She married JAMES DUNCAN 1882 in TN. He was born May 1855 in TN,
   and died Bef. 1937. Frances is buried at RoEllen Cem., Dyer Co, TN.

   Dyer Co, TN Death Cert No:22656, Mrs. F. B. DUNCAN of Dist:4 of Dyer Co, TN
   Female, White, Widow, died: 16-Oct-1937 12:30AM, born: 03-Feb-1866 TN
   Father: John SERRATT, born TN
   Mother: Miss FRAZIER, born TN
   Informant: Mr. H. L. DUNCAN of Dyersburg, TN Rt.#2
   Burial: Roellen on 16-Oct-1937
   Undertaker: J.W. Curry & Sons of Dyersburg, TN

   More About JAMES DUNCAN:
   Census: 1900, Dyer Co, TN ED:153 FN:238
   Children of FRANCES SERATT and JAMES DUNCAN are:
      i.    LULA DUNCAN, b. Dec 25, 1886, TN; m. WALTER PETERS.
      ii.   ALBERT DUNCAN, b. Dec 1888, TN;
            d. 1965, Dyer Co, TN; m. LULA COBB; b. 1893; d. 1918, Dyer Co, TN.
            Both are buried at RoEllen Cem., Dyer Co, TN
      iii.  HUBERT DUNCAN, b. Oct 1890, TN; m. VERA CAPPS.

4. JETHRO WILLIAM SERATT was born Sep 16, 1868 in Wayne Co, TN, and died Apr 26, 1944
   in Dyer Co, TN. He married PAULINE MISKELLY. She was born 1868.
   Jethro is buried at RoEllen Cem., Dyer Co, TN
      i.    RUTH SERATT, m. WALTER OWENS, Jan 03, 1910, Dyer Co, TN.
      ii.   TALBERT H. SERATT, b. Oct 17, 1890; m. BIRTIE HICKMAN.
   6. iii.  LONNIE SERATT, b. Mar 20, 1899, TN; d. Mar 15, 1967, Dyer Co, TN.
      iv.   NAOMI SERATT, b. 1901.
      v.    DOSSIE SERATT, b. 1903.
      vi.   EMMA SERATT, b. 1906.
      vii.  FORREST SERATT, b. Sep 1908.

5. JOHN CARLINE SERATT was born Dec 03, 1875 in TN, and died 1961 in Dyer Co, TN.
   He married LULA R. GILMORE 1891 in TN. She was born Mar 1877 in TN, and died
   Jul 06, 1945 in Dyer Co, TN. Both are buried at RoEllen Cem., Dyer Co, TN.

   Census: 1900, Dyer Co, TN ED:153B FN:239
   Children of JOHN SERATT and LULA GILMORE are:
      i.    SALLIE SERATT, b. Jul 1892; m. HARRISON DUNCAN, Nov 20, 1909, Dyer Co, TN.
      ii.   JOHN SERATT, b. Aug 1895.
      iii.  MARY SERATT, b. May 1898.

Generation No. 3

6. LONNIE SERATT was born Mar 20, 1899 in TN, and died Mar 15, 1967 in Dyer Co, TN.
   He married ALICE G. VIAR in Dyer Co, TN. She was born 1906 in TN, and died 1982
   in Dyer Co, TN. Both are buried at Fairview Cem., Dyer Co, TN
   Child of LONNIE SERATT and ALICE VIAR is:
      i.  MURRY ARLENE SERATT, b. Sep 03, 1921, TN; d. Apr 30, 1926, Dyer Co, TN.
          Murry is buried at Viar Cem., Dyer Co, TN.

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