Bertha Frazier family records


 FRAZIER Family Records

 ROBERT RILEY "EIDE" FRAZIER was born Mar 28, 1874 in Wayne Co., TN, and
 died Mar 24, 1920 in Gibson Co., TN. He was the son of JOHN RILEY FRAZIER
 and MELVINA C. POPE. He married ADA BELLE TAYLOR. She was born Sept 29,
 1887 in TN, and died Jan 18, 1965 in Chicago, Ill. Robert died early 
 in life, and Ada Belle later married a man with the last name of CROSS.

 One of the children of ROBERT FRAZIER and ADA TAYLOR is BERTHA FRAZIER, 
 b. Nov 16, 1909; d. Nov 24, 1991. BERTHA FRAZIER had started a family 
 tree sometime prior to her death in 1991. Her brother JOHN C. FRAZIER, also 
 a child of ROBERT FRAZIER and ADA TAYLOR is the grandfather of a researcher 
 that sent this to me, working along with her mother a child of JOHN C. FRAZIER.

----start record----

 Monday Feb 21, 2000 This information came from the papers that my great 
 aunt Bertha had gotten together. I think it was all written down from memory. 
 The best she could remember anyway. I have copied this down just exactly as 
 she had it written down.
 Father: John Frazier married to Step Mother Nannie ? 

   Rilley Frazier
   Lissie Frazier married to Bud Marrlo (no children)
   George Frazier married to Mary Taylor
      Lilly, Johnny, Dodd, Sam, Pauline
   Bud Frazier married to ? Paterson
      Earl, Florance, Edna, Glen

 Father: John Frazier married to Nannie ? 

   Ulise Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)
   Margaret Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)
   Minnie Frazier married to ? Witker (unknown children)
   Jessie Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)
   John Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)
   Lula May Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)

   Bobby Frazier married unknown (unknown children)
   Audia B. Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)
   Lilue V. Frazier married to unknown (unknown children)

   Rilley Frazier married to Ada Taylor 
   Bertha Ann
   John C.
   Willard H.
   Ollie Fred
   Half-brother Otis Cross- June 24, 1930
   Half-sister Mary Helen Cross- May 9, 1926 died at birth

 John C. Taylor married to Mima E. Kaggle 
   Mary Taylor married to George Frazier
      Lilly, Johnny, Dodd, Sam, Pauline
   Jose Taylor married to John Kennedy 
   Becky Taylor married to William Curtis
   Calvin Taylor- died at 7 yrs. old

 There are a lot of misspelled names, but everything she has written down 
 matches what you have except for a Ulise Frazier and she has no Monroe listed 
 as George's son. However; Kathy Frazier said that her father-in-law was named 
 Ulise Ray and his father was Ulise Monroe. So I think maybe aunt Bertha may 
 have gotten confused and listed Ulise as John Riley's son instead of George's 
 son. And I don't know where she came up with a 3rd wife for John Riley Frazier. 
 I've figured out that the Bud Frazier she has down here is William Andrew 
 Frazier. The names of his children are the same as the names on those headstones 
 I found out at the cemetery except that there was no headstone for a Florance. 
 Only Glen and Edna and then there was Albert Earl who had no stone. When I 
 was telling you earlier about George's son Ulise Monroe, I just remembered 
 that Pauline (Tyncalene) told mother that Monroe was only her half brother, 
 so I think aunt Bertha got confused about him. Apparently, Lizzie was married, 
 but never had any children unless she had some that aunt Bertha didn't know 

----end record----

 I am grateful for this information, because it reflects part of the research 
 I had done prior to receiving this. This confirms the first marriage and the 
 children of my gggrandfather John Riley Frazier who married 2nd Nancy "Nannie"
 C. Long. She being 26 years younger than John, spanned 2 generations and made
 it difficult to research his life. John and Nannie had my great-grandfather
 BOB TAYLOR FRAZIER born 1903 in Perry County, TN.

 A special thanks goes to the descendants of JOHN C. FRAZIER for sharing this