Journal of Eula Frazier



Eula V. Frazier wrote this 51-page journal. Eula was the youngest 
daughter of John Riley Frazier and Nancy Catherine Long. Eula was the 
last of 8 children, and was born 12/12/1909 in Gibson Co., TN, and 
died in March 1973 in Crockett Co., TN. She was the wife of John Wiley 
Gibbons. Her father John Riley Frazier was born 03/07/1845 in Wayne 
Co., TN and died 08/04/1922 in Dyersburg, TN. I am grateful to Eula's 
daughters who were kind enough to share this with me. It is truly a 
great source of family history. I typed it for viewing and it may 
contain errors.


When my daddy was a Boy he lived with his Father & Mother and Brother 
& Sister his sister name was sallie. His Brother Sam. They were his 
half Brother and Sister then his Father and Mother had 2 more Boys. 
Jim Frazier and George Frazier.

Well my daddy was a Grate guy he tales his children about what he did 
when he was a Boy he lived in Middle Tennessee. Him and sallie would 
go hunting in the wood for some kind of meet, Rabbit or squirrels, and 
of course they getting into something they had no buisness to. One 
time my daddy said his daddy sent him some where to get something and 
he stayed tell Dark. When he was on his way home it was Very dark. He 
said there was something in the road. It look white he thought it was 
a man. So he call out to it he thought it was his Brother Hom trying 
to scare him. But there was no answer so he call out again Hom is that 
you. Still no answer. Well Ill hit you he pick up a rock and threw at 
the whit spot and up jump a road of cows, that sure did scare him so 
he Ran home and when he got home he was out of breath, his Mother was 
worried about him his Daddy said John make it then another time.

He was out and up in Middle Tennessee when you cut a tree down there 
will bee Fox Hair on it and when it was dark it will glow in the dark 
and you thank it is a light and the Moore you look at it seams to come 
closer to you he got close enough to touch it and when he did it was a 
old stump and it fell down it was Rotten He said he jump about 3 foot 
hie and of course he ran again.

He was 18 year old when the Civil Was Broke out. So he went in to the 
war to keep his Father from going he was in the war for 4 years. 
(Capt. J.W. Phillips' Co. Lt. Art. C.S.A.) I don't think daddy was 
every out of Tennessee. There was a Boy Friend of his that went with 
him by the name of Parker Herrington (James Parker Herndon) daddy said 
that Boy was so lazy. Said he staved to death if it haden Bin for him 
he and my daddy went threw the war together. My mothers Father was in 
the war to his name was John Long.

They was in all the Battles there was in Tennessee, he told us there 
was time when he thought he starve to death one time they was going 
threw some place said there was a Big White house on a hie hill he 
said he was so hungry he could Harley live.

He said he was shure there was something to eat there for there was a 
company there so he went up to the door and asked the cook for 
something to eat she said honey child there is not any thing hear to 
eat only some bread on the fire cooking in the Pan. He said he stayed 
around and out of sight, and when the cook call supper he got close to 
the Back door and when he heard her lift the lid from the skillet and 
cut the Bread and then patted across the room he went in and got the 
rest of the Bread. And went out with it.


He said it was Egg corn Bread but it was good. Said when he got Back 
to Camp the rest was Eating a Cow they had kill and was cooking it 
they asked him if he wonted some, he said No I am full of good Egg 
corn Bread. Well Mr. Parker Herrington said John did you Bring me 
some. My daddy said No.

Well the war went on and on and them still starving. Well any way 
something happen I dont Rember what But daddy said they tied him to a 
Wagon Wheel to stay there all night But when the captain was gone he 
got some one to untie him he was out of one thing and in something 
else. My daddy was in the Battle at gettisburg. Waynberr and at chillo 
(Shiloh) where the Bloody Battle was afell. One time he stoled a Pig, 
he went up to this man house one evening Real late this was a log 
house with a hall down threw it this Pet Pig and a Big Bull dog was 
laying there in the Hall. My daddy said the man said the dog was a bad 
one. So daddy said he was so hungry that he could harly stand it. So 
he said good Night and started back to camp. But he diden go to far. 

And when it was dark, he slip Back and he saw the light out he sliped 
Back in the yard and crawl up on the Porch. and into the Hall. Where 
the Pig and dog was at he crawled up to the pig and Felt to see if it 
was the pig or dog, and it was so he stab the pig with his knife. He 
said the Pig grunted and one of the Kids said daddy there is something 
Bothern the Pig. The Man said only the dog. It will bee all right. So 
daddy said he crawl off the Porch and carried the Pig on his Back.

He skent the Pig and carried into his tent and put it under his bed. 
The next morning the Man came looking for his pig he search every tent 
there all But my daddy. He said to the Man come in see for you self. 
The man said I know it is not there daddy said he was scared he 
thought well if he came in and fines the Pig he would be tied to the 
Wagon Wheel again. But it would be worth it and a another time he was 
in Knoxville Tennessee some one come threw with some Water Millons to 
sell But daddy diden have any money. The Millons was .50 peace. He 
said he walk up to the wagon. And was looking at the Mellons he said 
finely he asked the man for his change. And the man said sorry son how 
much money did you give me. $5 Dollars sir daddy got 2 Mellons and 4 
Dollars in Money, so he maid it very well for a wile so he went on. 
And then up jumped Mr. Parker Hearrington he said Hi John I shure 
could stand some of that Mellon my self. Daddy said why dont you try 
your Luck on getting some time.

Well it dont taste all that good but Mr. Harrington would say John you 
steal for Both off us. Dont you. My daddy would say so be it and one 
time he was in Nashville he said there was a Niger woman come by with 
some she was selling them for 25 a basket. He said he only had money 
witch they call shin paster. I guess some one would call it countfit 
But he bought a dollar worth of Peaches the Niger Woman asked him if 
it was good money and of corse he said yes. He carried the peaches 
around a corner and begin eating them said hear she come the woman was 
saying where is my peaches this money is no good but he said he was 
eating as fast as he could.


While the war was going on, and things happen every day. Finely there 
was an end to it and the Girls at Chattanooga gave all the solders 
their cross of honor. Well this is about all I can Remember of what my 
daddy told me only I would cry when he talk like that.

Well he come home and Marred for the first time him and his first wife 
had 3 Boys and one Girl witch Finly become my half Brother, sister. My 
half sister was older then my Mother my Mothers Father was in the war 
to. And he came home and marred. And him and my daddy were close 

Finely my daddy helt my Mother when she was a Baby he was 25 years 
older then my Mother finely his first Wife taken Real sick My Mother 
set up there the Night she died And after that then daddy begin 
courting my Mother and when she was 16 years old they Marred. They 
lived in Middle Tennessee. Daddy work on the farm, and then they had a 
baby Girl her name was Margaret Purl (Margaret Pearl) and then a 
another Girl name Minnie and a Boy John & Jessie Lula Bob Aultie and 
Eula. That's me the one now writing this story only it is the truth.

Well they raised all the children and in 1912 my sister Margaret 
Marred a man from Arkansas and daddy and mother moved over they're in 
1914. Well in the mean time I had another Sister. Minnie and Brother 
John Marred. My Brother married the year I was born Dec. 12-1910. I 
coulden Remember see my Brother. I would ask. What did he look like my 
daddy moved in his son in law place that was with my sister Margaret 
she Marred Jim Williams. They lived about 1 mile from us. 

My Mother was very sickly. But some time we walk to my sister house. I 
was 4 year old. That is when I really started remember thing as I said 
Mother and I walk to see my sister and a long old country Road just 
room for a wagon and mules to go down and on each side of the road was 
some weed they had purple tops and I get them for a Parsal to hold 
over my head and I ride stick for my horse. Some times I ask my mother 
to carry me she say that her Back had a Bone in it and I say My has a 
Bone to Moma an my Brother in law place he work a Lots Niger they pass 
by our place going to pick cotton and I go to the fence and peep threw 
the Old Niger Woman would say to me Hi Baby Doll, and I say Hi Blue 

The color people would pick cotton and my sister & Brother Bob would 
pick with them and my sister Jessie would Sing for them Their was one 
that every body liked Very Much. Her name was Lizzy everyone calls her 
Aunt Lizzy. My sister would sing the song of a Rambler sweet Boy. And 
of course aunt Lizzy would cry. So one time my Brother in law had his 
wife Margaret and her sister Jessie to shoot some guns. For the Niger 
they say All tho White Woman can shoot tho guns. Well then my Sister 
Margaret had a baby Boy. He was a sweet little thing. For one reason I 
was a 4 year old Aunt. I thought I very big then my sister Minnie 
lived in Memphis she had a little Girl she was sweet to.


She diden get to come home very much. I had 3 sister and a Brother at 
home in the spring off the year every one would cut the corn stalk 
Pile it up and Burn them I go around with My daddy and talk to him he 
was getting Up in year then My Mother began getting Sicker. And I 
Began having chills almost every day of course I was the baby and I 
almost got my way about every thing. Some times my Mom would give me a 
spanking. One time My Sister came to see us with her little Baby Boy. 
I coulden keep my hands off him. Mom Kept say leave the Baby alone. 
But of course I coulden so I Pick him up and My Mother Saw me and she 
started to get me and I throw the baby in the Bed and Ran out the 

She came after me and down the road I went she was coming on after me 
so I climbed a 4 stran Bobwire Fince and got in the cotton patch she 
climbed over the fince after me. I tried to out run her But there was 
some stickers in the field and I was Bare Footed and I got them in my 
Feet so I saw my sister in the yard. I thought if I can only make it 
to them But My Mother coate (caught) me and they was calling out Run 
Little Sister Run. But It diden no good. For Mother was ever More 
Paring that Elm switch on me.

Sometime in the year of 1915 my sister Jessie Ran off from home. She 
stayed gone for a long time she went to my older Brother he lived in 
Middle Tenn. But she finely came back home that like to abt killed me. 
So things begin to happen My Sister Margaret and her husbman got a 
Divorce in Dec. 1915 My sister Died at my sisters in Memphis then My 
sister Jessie Married her Man. things went from Bad to worse. In Oct. 
1915 my sister Lula Marred Author Worthy the lived at Cooter, MO.

Ill never for get before they Marred and While they was getting Marred 
she wore a White Dress with a light Blue Belt I stood there watching 
them getting marred But didn't know what they was doing So when my 
sister started to leave I said I wanted to see them Marry. My Mother 
Said they Married. Well I coulden Belive it for I thought that it 
would Be more then that to it.

My Mother and I went to see Jessie she lived at Berrdet Ark. we went 
in a wagon to see her But we was going to go home on train there was a 
Rail road close to where My sister lived. While we had a good time, I 
play with my little Nephews, and I named my self Mrs. Pipe stim they 
call me that for a long time.

Then the time come for Mother and me to go home So we got on the train 
when my Brother in law was putting me on the train he said Mrs. Pipe 
Stine you cant talk if you do the man put you off. Well I stayed quite 
tell the train stop. At Blytheville where I saw My Daddy. I said I 
want my Daddy. The Man said go to your daddy. That Fall we moved from 
that Place in the winter times over there when it was raining and 
Muddy you coulden harley go no where for you wagon wheels would clog 
up with Mud tell you stall. So we were moving and we got stuck it was 


My Mother and Brother were in the wagon my Brother was trying to make 
the mules pull us out but they just starred there as dumb as they 
could be. So my Brother in law comes and Made them pull us out My 
Mother was very angry My Brother Law all way calls her Moma. He said 
Moma why are you sitting hear in the rain why dont you drive them out 
and gave a little laugh. He got us out of the mud. So we went on to 
where we was moving it was on the state line at Arkansas & MO. We live 
there for about 2 years.

There was a hole lots of collar people around us my Mother was scared 
of them if she saw one coming at the house she would take me and my 
sister Aultie out to the corn field that was out behind were we lived 
and hide till they got gone. Well I begun having chills and got very 
sick from them So my sister come to live with my mother & daddy after 
her husbman Kill a Man her and her little Boy lived there the time he 
was in the Pen.

We had Cows and Mules and we had out yard Fence in so the calf could 
run in the yard. By some reason my Brother Maid him a little wagon and 
me and my nephew tied a calf to the wagon and did we have some fun 
until the calf Wagon and all ran over him he was hurt very bad. 

Well Some time in the fall my half sister Lizy came to see us, my 
Mother was picking cotton my dad was digging sweet Potatoes I was sick 
But my Nephew was helping his grand daddy he carrying one Sweet Potato 
at a time My Sister said for him to come in he said I want to Dig 
taters Aunt Lizy. But he got sick to, one time I had a very hard chill 
they call the Doc. and he tried to get my Fever down But he coulden So 
they Bath me in Soda Water every 2 or 3 hours Until it went down. 

Then one time I remember we was picking Cotton that was in 1917, my 
mother & Brother Sister and me well about 3 o'clock in the evening I 
had a chill in the Field they started home with me But I coulden walk 
so they put me on a cotton sock to carry me. And finely my Brother put 
me on his back and carried me home. I was very sick I can remember 
that winter it Begin snowing in November.

Well we burned wood in a stove to keep us warm my daddy had gone to a 
Nebor house to get some Milk. When he got home he said get some wood 
on the porch. And I mean pill it hi. So we had our front porch Full of 
wood in know time. Wile the snow still came down and very soon the 
ground was White and it stayed that way for a longtime Well Christmas 
came on and my Mother and Sister went to see my Brother in Middle 
Tennessee. They had a very nice time. My Brother & his Wife had a 
little Baby girl her name was Lessie. They came home with Mother they 
came home on a Train. My Sister in law had a Box with the Baby Med 
(Medicine) in it she was giving the baby some Med and the conductor 
ask her if she had the Drug Store with her She said know sir Just 


Well they came to Steele MO, and got off and then they walk for about 
2 or 3 Miles and carried the Bag & Bobbers. (?) When they got to 
Cooter MO where my sister lived then my Brother came over to get the 
Mules & Wagon so they could come to our house. In January my younger 
Brother got the Measles and of course all that hadean had them got 
them and my Brothers Baby Died. I know at one time that winter the 
snow was real hi but I play in it when my Mother let us. My Brother 
and his wife lived with us for a long time but they went back to 

In March 1918 my daddy moved over to Morsura we made a crop and when 
it was finish we was going on a trip So my Mother went to town and 
Bought us some new close. She got me some Black Slippers and White 
long stockings. So we got every thing reedy Daddy and my Brother Bob 
got the Wagon Bowed up with the sheet. I thought how funny that look. 
But we finely got on our way. 

We started out the First of July in 1918, we cross the Mississippi 
River. I had seen the river but hadn't crossed it since I could 
remember. I was 8 year old. Well when we got close to the river I was 
scared daddy put the mules and wagons on the Boat and then the family. 
We cross the river at Eallars Weaves and got off at Cotton Wood Point 
we came on tell we got to Mingle Wood and my Mother Cook us some 
Dinner. She maid a fire out on the ground and cook I really thought we 
was almost to where we way going. But we had just started we went from 
there to Finley, Tennessee and stay all night there.

The next morning my Mother maid us Breakfast we had Ham meat coffee, 
Eggs scramble. Butter and Bread. That was so good. Then we started on 
to Dyerburg Tennessee. We meet some of Daddies Folks. His half sister 
Aunt Sallie, Cousin Bell Dunkins & her Husbman, We had and some of 
aunt sallie Boys John & Dug Serrett we stayed tell the seckon of July. 
I had 2 half Brother that lived Close to Trenton Tennessee. We travel 
on we came Brother Gerge (George) house we had Dinner with. It was in 
Tomatoes time Gerge Wife had bin picking tomatoes and her hands was 
stain so my brother woulden eat and when we started on our way My 
Brother said he was hungry. My Mother said why diden you Eat I maid 
the Basket But she gave him some cookies that she had maid.

Well we went on to Trenton, where my Brother Eide lived. The next day 
was July 4 in 1918. The cotton mill there was putting on a show in the 
court house yard. So we stayed and went to see the show. We had IC 
Cream, Water Mellon it was very nice. We walk on the railroad there 
and back. 

Well the 5-day of July we really did get going we travel and travel, 
for a long time up on hill and another. We came to a river I believe 
it was Buffalo River we had to cross on a Ferry. It sure was Scary. 
You could see the water under the Boat it was only Plank Put together 
with some logs. But By the help of the Lord we made it a cross. Well 
daddy said I go some other ways home well we went on. Some of the 
Worse Road I have every seen. Only far the road in Arkansas. But we 
kept on until we got to my Brothers.


On our way there we came to a Rock the road was cut threw it and it 
hung out over the river when we come to this place Mother sister and 
me got out and walk I wanted to get to the side where the river was 
Mom said No. My Brother said when he drove the Mules threw there that 
the Boys in the War would have something to tell when they get home. 
But when he got back to Moursia he could bathe them. 

So when we got to where we was going my Brother wanted to have a goat 
Supper of course he was used to the Hill up there But my Brother Bob, 
he coulden hardly make it they started off to get the goat to cook and 
Bob almost Plait Out.

There was a meeting of Church of Christ going on. So we went to the 
meeting had a very time I tried to walk with out my shoes and maid 
Blisters on my feet. We stayed for about 2 weeks and then we started 
back for home. On the way Back we ran out of Milk and Butter so we 
stop one evening at a nice house to buy some Milk and Butter the Man 
and my daddy knew each other far some time back.

My Brother sister and I waded in the creek, it was cold and Mr. 
Ledbetter had a springhouse but the water from a spring ran threw it 
that keep his Milk & Butter cold. We spent the night there but we 
slept in our wagon. And the next morning we had Breakfast with them 
and then started on a gin. 

Well the time went by very slow, we came back by Dyersburg. To see 
some more of daddy people. Some more cousin, they had a cotton Gin we 
look it over for I had never seen one. It looks fun to me. So we 
stayed around some time on our whey their or back we got some Light 
Bread. But we couldnen eat it for it was no good. 

Well we went on to the river and crossed and when we got home my 
sister Lula & her husband stayed with our things. He said they were 
going home. My Sister was Pregnet and she wanted to go home. We diden 
do any thing Very much for a long time.

One morning Mother was cooking dinner and my brother in law came to 
tell us that they had a new baby Boy. Well we went to see him he was 
cutie. Well it wasn't Very long tell it was fall and my daddy Begin to 
make plan to Move Back to Tennessee a gin, so him and his sun in law 
they came Back to Tennessee to get us a place. We had a good crop, but 
daddy sold it in the Field and in October 12 in 1918 we landed back to 

I remember the day we moved my sister Moved with us and her husbman 
was funny. When we crossed the Mississippi river he call out the man 
that Brought us a cross good by United State it was a very long day. 
But we got to where we were going about dark and every one was very 
hungry. So mother finely got our supper cook we eat and got our Bed 
Put up and went to Bed. The next morning the men that had help us 
started on their way back home.


On there way back home one off the Boys got sick it was the year off 
that awful Flue and that was what he had in a week or so he Died with 
the Flue. There was a small town over there call Tyler MO there was a 
bout 3 or 4 hundred people that lived at one time that winter there 
was 40 people Died all at the same time. My sister that moved with us, 
she and her Baby had the Flue and the baby almost Died he was so poor 
you coulden harley hold him.

We moved on a Farm out from Dyersburg it was the MidWay Farm we moved 
Boy a Family named Mr. Dock Rogers they had 3 girls at home it was in 
During World War one they had 2 son in it Mr. Frank an Cobey. Well we 
were picking cotton, Mr. Rodgers girls were helping us, and Mr. Frank 
came home. His Mother tale him where the girls were and he came to the 
Field. When his sisters saw him they rain to see him and I did to. And 
he set down in the cotton Middle and hugs every one of us. And we all 
went to the house together.

We all lived there until Jan. or Feb. there had bin a woman Kill buy a 
Mule, she had lived in the house that we lived in every one around 
there said on a Dark Night if you was Riding a Mule she Jump up behind 
you a scream'n. They ask my Brother would he do if this happen to him 
he Said she could have the Mule He didn't want any part of him we all 
had a good time that Dec 24 Mr. Frank Rodgers and Miss Mandy Hescott 
Married at Mr. Walker store on in the court house I dont Remember it 
was an Christmas day.

We was sitting at Mr. Rogers house and up Road Mandy Father & 2 
Brothers well that got every one kindly Scared Mandy Father came for 
Frank to come out there Mandy didin want him to go out there. But 
Frank said I am goin. So he went on. Nothing happened her Father said 
is you and Mandy Marred. He said yes. And they road off and was good 
friends after.

Frank and Mandy moved to Dyersburg Mr. Frank was on the railroad him 
and too more Brothers Will & Burt in 1919 my daddy moved on Mr. Hudson 
Place. It was close to the TC. Rail Road. Mr. Dock Rogers moved over 
close to where we lived. 
My daddy would talk about the house we was go to move in he say that 
it had a Fair place in it that when we have our Fire to keep us warm. 
I thought that was the Funniest Place I every saw to have Fire. But it 
was OK.

Well that summer MR and the Rogers Girls had our self a time we put 
nails or hair pins on the rail road track and let the train run over 
them Mr. Frank tell us that we would get run over But we diden But the 
train would Blow his Wissle at us. But nothing happen.

My Brother John and his wife came to live with us a gin Mr. Rogers 
kept his cows in our Pasture. Mable & May Rogers would come to get the 
Cows to Milk where the pasture was wood and a lot of mud holes we go 
to get the cows and wade in the mud holes and there was snakes in 
there we was very Lucky none of us every gotten Bit By one. Although 
we could of But diden.


Well my daddy had a Wood lot in Front of the house. My Mother was a 
scarry. She was afraid of the tramps they walk along the railroad, 
stop in, and ask for something to eat. So one day My Mother and Sister 
in law were in the house and I come up to the door a Knock. My Mother 
thought I was a tramp. They woulden open the door so scared she was 
running across the room she was calling my Sister in law came on. 
Eatter he Kill us.

But when she saw who it was she shure did tare me up. I was telling 
her that my daddy was out in the woodlot But that diden help any. My 
Mother got Very sick with her stomach. She diden Eat for 3 week she 
only drank milk.

My Sister from Arkansas moved over here. She lived with us for a wile 
her husbman had a car. It was the first time I every had Bin in a car. 
I thought it was grand. I felt very rich My nefew thought he was rich. 
This car had some little seats for little people to set in they carry 
my Mother to the Dr. in Dyerburg and I go with her.
Finely my Mother got well and my sister moved to Dyersburg. And we 
walk the rail road and carry her Milk Butter Eggs, and my Mother would 
let me stay there I really thought I was something for getting to stay 
in town My brother in law Ran a Taxi Car for him self. He had an old 
car that he diden use. 

There was a Family lived close to them this Family had plenty of 
money. There was a white plank fence between my sisters house and them 
they had a little boy too But they woulden let him play with any one. 
So this old car that my Brother Law diden use was by his house. My 
Nephew and me would play in this car that little boy would watch us my 
Nephew say you cant play with us we are rich.

My sister would spank him. In the spring of 1919 the Boys began to 
come home from the World war one. My daddy would sit on the front 
porch and wave at them when they come by and say go on home boys. That 
winter we moved back on the Midway Farm. My brother John and his wife 
got them a place on the same Farm.

In February of 1920 my half Brother died with the flue. My daddy was 
farming some stubble ground. He had mules, showed. I wanted to know if 
he was going to put Lace up shoes on them.

That April my Brother and Sister law had a Baby Girl she was so sweet. 
Her name was Louise. That fall he went back to Middle Tennessee it 
sure did hurt my mother and father to see him go. In January of 1921 a 
family moved in the house where my brother live. Mr. Pet Luckett and 
his widow sister Mrs. Maude Brewer. Mrs. Brewer had 3 Boys and one 
girl Vera. They were very nice Family. My brother Bob got stuck on 
Vera. She had a Brother named Ralph. I was stuck on him.

We lived there that year, sometime in August 1921 my sister came from 
Arkansas to see the DR., and she died. Mrs. Brewer stayed with my 
mother all the way threw some time that Fall my mother go real sick. 
She was down for sometime. I had to turn her in the Bed for about 3 
weeks or longer.

That fall we moved on a Mr. Rice Farm, it was a good place my daddy 
and brother was making a crop. In August 4 1921 my Daddy past away. We 
shure did miss him so much, he was a good daddy.

We stayed on till that fall and went back to the Midway Farm. And in 
1922 Brother and me maid a crop. It begin Raining we had 20 acers of 
cotton to work and I mean it got bad to hoe. In September Mother 
Sister and me went to Memphis to visit my sister we had a very nice 
time her husbman was a streetcar matron. There was a Big Dinner gave 
by the company. We went to that we carried something to Eat for lunch. 
We stayed two-weeks and came home. It was time to start picking 
cotton, we started picking I think abt the 20 ($20.00) of cotton we 
made 3 bales. So my brother sold the mules and cow and every thing he 

That Dec. in 1922 him and Vera Brewer Married. They lived with my 
mother in 1923 they had a baby girl born, her name was Mildred 
Jaunita. (Mildred Juanita Frazier) we lived on Mr. Claiborne place out 
from Fort Hudson school there is where I went to school.

We had a good crop that year we went to Dyersburg and bought us some 
new cloths. I remember my coat was brown the only brown coat I every 
wore. I don't like brown. That fall Mr. Claiborne decided that he 
diden want any one to farm his ground for the next year so we moved 
again on Mr. Fulks Farm we was living at this place. When I met my 
husbman. Him and his Uncle diden live to far from us.

We would all visit he had a cousin Lular, she was a sweet girl she was 
older than I was. So one night we went to visit them at that time I 
haden seen them but my brother had. So I went in carrying Juanita, my 
brother's wife was along but I was carrying the baby. We sit there for 
a long time and listen to some records they played. So finally Juanita 
wanted he mother. They was Christen People, they sing well, all of 
them maid you fell like you was one of them. So we went home. On the 
way home my Brother said to me I get my eyes of him. I said why he is 
too old for me. My brother said you'll see.

So time went on. Where we lived there was no water so we carried water 
from the next house. So one Sunday Evening I went to get some water 
and he was there he tale me his name was Wiley Gibbons I said my name 
Eular Frazier. So I got the water in a little time and when I started 
home he said could I carry it for you. I said why yes. But on the way 
home I was scared I diden know what my mother would say. I diden know 
weather to say come in are to stay out.

But every thing work out fine for me, So we went in and then we begin 
talking. He was a nice feller and a very good husbman. We dated for 2 
years that was in 1924 I met him and in 1926 Dec 19 we married.

I remember before we marred there was some one else that wanted to 
date me and for a little while I thought I wanted to date him. But I 
found out that I diden. One time this boy was at my home, he was 
terrible Jellis of Wiley, he calls him a bad name, and I slapped his 
face for him. We walk and go to singings. We had a good time most of 
the time. While we date his cousin Lula she was dating a boy his name 
was Willie Gibson. He was a nice boy too. I had known him for a long 
time before she did like him very much as a friend.

Him and my brother Bob was close friend of course Wiley and I had some 
trouble in our dating times their was another Girl in our county she 
liked him to and that diden work to much with me, I thought he like 
her but he diden only as a Friend. We had a very nice time we go to 
Church every time we could. We go driving on Sunday evenings one time 
just for fun.

While we was driving we said we have some fun out at my mothers. We 
diden say we was marred, but when we drove up she said for me to get 
out and I thought and said no. She looks at me very strange so we set 
they're for some time but finely I got out and went in the house. But 
Wiley went on and he came back up there that night. So when he come in 
place me taking his coat he put it on the bed and that really made my 
Mother and Brother too think that we were marred But we was not. That 
was in 1925 a year latter we were married on Dec 12, 1926. I was 17 
years old on Dec 19, 1926 we were married we lived with his Uncle Ralf 

Some time in January we went up to see his mother and father. I had 
met his Father and Brother but I had to meet his mother and sister. We 
went in a Buggy and when we got there his Mother was over at another 
sons. We stayed up there for a month or longer. It began to rain and 
we coulden go home we started home one day and got stuck in the mud 
the next day.

Smith his brother carried us to catch a train so we went to Newbern 
and then we got a Taxi to carry us to Fort Hudson and we walk from 
there to where his uncle lived. We stayed there for a week or so in 
mean time we went to my brother and mother that was the first time I 
had be away from my family.

In March in 1927 we began keeping house on Mr. Jim Fuller place. We 
lived there for 2 years. We wanted a baby. It seams like that we were 
not going to have one. I seen in the paper that the Nashville Orphan 
home had a baby to give out I wanted that little baby so bad. But my 
husbman and mother talk me out from getting it. My brother and sister 
law had a baby boy. I carry him home and keep him all day.

So in March 18, 1929 we had a baby born to us. He was born on my 
Brothers Birthday, so I named him after him James Robert (Gibbons) he 
was a sweet little thing he was Brown eyes and black hair. When my 
Brother heard about the baby he came to see us. James was 3 weeks old 
and we moved to Memphis my brother on old Ford Truck we loaded it down 
with the Furniture we had and I road on the Finder of the truck to 
Dyersburg my sister was on the other Finder. We got a Buss from there 
to Memphis, my husbman and the rest came on in the truck. Me and the 
baby maid it fine we stayed in the house with my brother. My husbman 
work at the Box Factory in Memphis. My sister in law work I kept her 
children for her to work. 

We lived in Memphis for over a year. But diden like so we finely moved 
Back to Dyersburg in 1930. Me and my husbman work at Dyersburg Caning 
Factory in the spring we moved to the Cotton Mill he got a Job working 
in the Cotton Mill in he work for some time.

And in August 16, 1931 we had a little baby girl born she was a sweet 
little baby. Her name was Margaret Viola she was a Brown eye. But she 
was ball head. She never cried. She was very cute. I bought her a baby 
buggy. When I go any where I put her and James in the Buggy together 
and she had grown so fast most of the people thought they was twins. 
When she was 2 years old we moved to another place. She cried she say 
she wanted to go home. We tell her she was home. We lived in a house 
that was hi from the ground I put her and her brother out to play. 
They get under the house to play. James would make mud pie and put 
then in the sun to dry and she eats them for moon pie. They were very 
close. But some times they have spats.

On Dec 4, 1933 I had another little baby Girl she had brown eyes and 
black curly hair she was a little doll. Her name was Mildred Jeane. We 
moved back to Memphis in 1934 stayed down there for about 6 months. My 
husbaman got sick and had to go into the Veteran Hospital he was in 
World War 1. So the children and me moved back. We lived with my older 
brother John.

My mother carried for the children while I pick cotton. I pick cotton 
for one dollar per hudred pounds, for Mr. Dug Buwins he would say to 
me you are not able to pick cotton. I wayed 99 pounds I coulden carry 
my cotton when I got it pick. So my mother and I got a place in 
Dyersburg and moved my mother was a swell mother she help us out so 
many times my husbman came home we lived at one place and another for 
19 years in Dyersburg.

In June 1927 we had a baby boy born his name was Aubrey Eugene. He was 
a ball headed to, but he was strong. The night he was born it was 
raining so tire was no one there but my husbman and the DR. Dr. Brown 
was my Dr. He laid the baby on the table to Dress him and he almost 
roll off the table. DR. Brown said he was the first baby he had to 
hold during dressing.

The End.

ENDNOTES: George, Eide and Lizzie Frazier were from the first marriage 
of John R. Frazier and Melvina C. "Sissie" Pope.