According to the church records of Ebenezer Church, Rock Hill, SC.

 buried Ebenezer Churchyard on each side of Stephen McCorkle:

 Ann Forbes McCorkle b. 1744 d. 02 Jan 1798 (wife of Stephen McCorkle)

 Stephen McCorkle  b. 1735 d. 22 Sep 1790.

 Elizabeth ---- Forbes b.1716 d. 26 Oct 1794


According to the church records of Ebenezer Church, Rock Hill, SC.
 The information given on the children:
 William McCorkle, b. 1769 d. bef 1815 married Elizabeth Brumfield;
 James McCorkle, b. 1777
 Joseph McCorkle, b. 17 Aug 1775 d. 15 Feb 1814 married
 Violet Mary Hanna, b. 22 Feb 1790 d. 25 Jul 1856.

 The Church said Joseph Forbes married to Elizabeth, died after 1801.


Heirs Executors and Administrative Records of York Co, SC - dated: 19 Oct 1790
for Stephen McCorkle
(transcribed as written on page very hard to read)

---(begin transcription)---

                                                   Wm. McCorkle
 Know all once by these presence that we, Ann McCorkle ^, Archibald Barron &
 John Forbes (space) of York County & State of S. Carolina are held and
 firmly bound to William Burton, Wm. Miley, Abraham Smith ___
 Justice of our County Court of York afore said in the present sum of Four hundred pounds
 lawful money of the state afore said for the true payment whereof we bind ourselves our
 Heir Executors & adminis. firmly by their presents. Sealed with our seals & dated this 19th
 day of October 1790.
 The condition of the obligation is such, that if the above bound Ann McCorkle
 & William McCorkle, administrators of all Goods Chattels & Credits of Stephen
 McCorkle deceased do make or Cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all and
 singular the goods Chattels & Credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to
 the hands possession or knowledge of the said Ann & William McCorkle
 or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for them and the same so
 made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the County Court of York at such time
 as they shall be thereunto required by the said court and shall be entered enside
 of the said goods, Chattels and Credits which shall be found remaining who the said adminis
 trators account the same being aforesaid named and allowed by the Justice of
 said court for the time being, shall deliver and pay unto such persons respect
 ively as the said justice by their order or judgement shall direct pursuant to the laws
 in that case made and promised and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and
 testament was made by the said deceased and the executor or executors therein named
 do exhibit the same in the said court making request to hear it approved and allowed
 accordingly if the said Ann McCorkle and William McCorkle
 Being thereunto requested do render and deliver up their letters of Administration
 approbation of such testament being first had and made in the said court, thus
 this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

 Sealed and delivered in presence of:

 Jonathan Sutton           Ann (x) McCorkle (seal)
                             her mark
                           William McCorkle (seal)
                           Archibald Barron (seal)
                           John Forbis (seal)

---(end transcription)---

Pension records Nov 15, 1819 for John Forbes.

---(begin transcription)---

 Upon examining the wounds of Mr. John Forbis Senior, I believe
 them to render him partially incapable of making a compentant
 support for himself and family who are dependant upon his
 exertions, his extream age taken into consideration with
 the balance of his wounds renders him more incapable of that
 to make a substance.

 Nov 15 1819                      Ed Jennings
                                  Surgt. of 12 Regiment
                                  of Militia

 South Carolina
 York District

 Personally came Joseph Forbis before me who being duly sworn
 made oath in due form of how that he is a brother of John
 Forbis and that said John Forbis was a military soldier
 under Colonal Neal in the Revolutionary War that he was
 Literally cut to pieces and wounded in such a manner that
 he was entirely unable to make a support for himself and
 family and that by his wounds now in his old age renders
 him incapable of making a sufficient support for his family
 who dependance is on him. Also came Captain Joseph McCorkle
 and Mary Smith who on oath saith that they were personally
 acquainted with John Forbis in the Revolutionary War and
 that the above afidavit is true as they were frequently
 with the said John Forbis. Sworn to and subscribed before
 me this 16th day of November 1819.

 Elias Robertson, JP                  Joseph Forbis
                                      Joseph McCorkle
                                      Mary (x) Smith
                                         her mark

---(end transcription)---

(My note: 
John Forbes married Rebecca Barron in the fall of 1780 in York Co, SC.
He died Oct 24, 1829 and is buried in Ebenezer Cemetery Rock Hill, SC.
During the American Revolutionary War, John served under Capt. Moffett
and Col. Samuel Watson, Col. Hill, and as a horseman under Gen. Sumter.
He served as a foot soldier under Gen. Henderson and was wounded in the
engagement of Williamson's Plantation.)


Copied from the records of Mr. Joe E. Hart, Jr. found in
the Historical Center of York County. (partial of 2 pages)

Joseph Forbes              Wife         Elizabeth ______
_____________                            b. 1716
 b.                                      d. Oct. 26, 1794
 d. after 1801

Ann Forbes                 Husband      Stephen McCorkle
 b. 1744                                 b.
 d. Jan 2, 1798                          d. Sept. 22, 1790
 buried at Ebenezer Chyd.

 John Forbis                Wife         Rebecca Barron, dau Archibald
 b. 1753                                  b. June 26, 1762
 d. Oct. 24, 1829                         d. April 4, 1834 (Ind.)

Joseph Forbes               Wife         Mary Spence
 b. Nov. 22, 1755                         b. 1765
 d. 1833                                  d. May 20, 1827 York to RU

Most of this research was provided to me by Thelma F. D.,
whom we are all greatful for her hard work and dedication.